Two-seater sofa type Chesterfield, with cypress synthetic leather shade 150x90x72 cm.

An elegant, Chesterfield type sofa, with decorative buttons on the frame, will add a touch of luxury to your living room. This two-seater sofa will be a great place to chat, read, watch TV or just relax.

Featuring a compact classic design, the sofa will fit perfectly into any living room decor.

Its curved arms offer more comfort and convenience, while the decorative trunks on the front side make it special.

The two-seater sofa is upholstered in high quality synthetic leather, easy to clean, while it has reinforced wooden legs that make it very stable and durable.

Dimensions: 150x90x72 cm.

Arm height: 72 cm.

Seat height: 44.5 cm.

Seat dimensions: 98 × 52 cm.

Minimum Purchase Quantity: 1

Note: Where applicable, the number of pieces in the package or multiples must be purchased. The price refers to the value of a piece (this note mainly refers to chairs and stools)


Date of Next Receipt: (approximate)

Product weight: 42