– complies with the European safety standards and norms

– three removable bars as part of a frame of the cot enable your child to get in and out of the cot freely

– three-level positioning of the mattress frame adapted to  the child’s development (56 /43 /27 cm from the floor)

– can be converted into a sofa

– can be converted into a couch

– can be extended to 166 cm ; its lifespan can be extended up to approx. 8 years

– eco smart – a desk for the child may be formed by re-using parts of the bed

– a safety railing can be bought to prevent against falling out (optional)

Dimensions (cm):

length: 144 – 166

width: 74

height: 92

Additional information :

– mattress with the following dimensions fits the cot: 140 cm x 70 cm

– mattress with the following dimensions fits the couch: 70 cm x 160 cm

– service life: up to approx. 8 years.

Materials and finishing:

– high quality laminated board resistant to damage and moisture, easy to keep clean

– lacquered birch plywood

– varnished beech wood

– beech plywood

The lacquers used as part of the production are safe for children, and certified in accordance with EN71/3


white /birch

Instruction for use:

The furniture should be wiped with a soft cotton cloth dampened with water or a furniture care product.