Series of Dark Air Conditioners with Ionizer, Innovative Design, A +++, 4D Air Flow & Wi-Fi!

The series of air conditioners of impressive aesthetics, Dark, available at 9,000 / 12,000 / 18,000 / 24,000 btu ensures the best conditions in the environment of your home, offering security to you and your loved ones. Thanks to the built-in powerful Ionizer which ensures in a natural way and effectively the removal of harmful airborne particles, such as germs, bacteria, viruses, pollen, smoke, dust, odors, etc., takes care not only of the ideal temperature in your space, but also for your health, protecting you from the undesirable conditions of the indoor environment. At the same time, the innovative design of the black mirror that characterizes the indoor unit, guarantees the absolute upgrade of the aesthetics of your space and the adaptation to any type of decoration that you wish to give to your home.

Both the high Energy Class A +++ of the series contributes to the absolute energy savings, while offering impressive performance even in the most demanding conditions, as well as the possibility of Wi-Fi management from wherever you are from your smartphone or tablet, while the Uniform 4-Direction Air Distribution achieves the perfect balance in temperature in every part of the space, transporting the air evenly with the help of the horizontal and vertical movement of the blinds. With each purchase of an Inventor air conditioner, we support the Child’s Smile and the action of the Social Polyclinics Organization. The Social Polyclinics in Athens & in Ag. Friday offer health benefits to children primarily of families with financial and social problems.