Relax in the soft comfort of the KIVIK sofa. Its spacious shape, low arms and memory foam, which adapts to your body, make the sofa ideal for many hours of rest, for company with friends and for relaxation.

Product Dimensions

  • Maximum width: 280 cm
  • Height: 83 cm
  • Minimum depth: 95 cm
  • Maximum depth: 163 cm
  • Minimum seat depth: 60 cm
  • Maximum seat depth: 124 cm
  • Seat height: 45 cm

You can place the chaise longue to the left or right of the sofa and change its position whenever you want. The chaise longue can be used either alone or added to the sofas. You can easily combine the sofa with one or more sunbeds, thanks to the removable arms. This cover is made of Kelinge fabric made of soft polyester. The wide corduroy is thick, comfortable and soft to the touch, with a light sheen that gives a beautiful and elegant result. The cover is easy to keep clean, as it is machine washable and can be easily removed and re-installed. 10 year warranty. See more about the terms in the warranty booklet.