Let your employees bond over alcohol! Put a fresh spin in a boring team activities with a cocktail masterclass or wine tasting competition. Spend 2-5 hours learning about grape varieties, finishing with a blind-folded tasting competition. Or take instructions from our top mixologists on a perfect margarita, showing off your shaking and muddling skills to your colleagues in a tournament., where everyone is a winner. We provide all the equipment but you have to ensure that not a drop goas a waste, as whoever makes a drink has to down it! 


THE BAR: We provide fully equipped, stylish mobile bars in white or black designs and package that includes everything from the spirits, homemade syrups, to ice, glassware and even cocktail napkins

5 COCKTAIL TYPES: Select 5 cocktails from our standard cocktail menu of classic and contemporary cocktails, or let us to create signature cocktails specially for your event.

BEST OF BARMEN: Experienced, professional, customer-oriented bartenders working quick and efficient will attract the attention of your quests and bring your party to a higher level

TOP-QUALITY COCKTAILS: All cocktails are prepared with the highest quality products, fresh fruits, home-made ingredients  and high-quality imported spirits. 

COORDINATION: We offer full service coordination making you event as memorable and stress as possible. Our event manager will take care of every detail and make sure that you will enjoy your special event along with your guests.

ANY GUEST SIZE: We can provide equipment and staff to cater any size of event, from intimate parties of 20 pax to wedding receptions of 100-1000 people