A central point in every children’s room is a cot which is not only a place to sleep and rest, but also to play. 

Thanks to practical solutions the cot Pinette is safe and supports the development of a child.

A wooden structure in shape of a house constitutes a timeless and natural element. It can be used to hang mobiles, lamps or other elements supporting the development of a child, to hang a mosquito net protecting from insects or a canopy which creates a cosy sleeping spot.

Thanks to the application of one cross board which connects the heads of the cot, it is safe to use the cot both for parents while carrying out everyday nursing activities, babies putting their strength to the test and active toddlers.

Mattress frame can be put on three heights. The highest level is designed for an infant, the average level for a sitting and crawling child and the lowest for a climbing toddler. The lowest position of the frame provides a convenient height from the floor in order for babies to freely get in and out of the cot, which is especially important in building up their independence and autonomy.

A capacious drawer for various accessories and treasures can be pulled out by every single toddler (no fear that the floor will get scratched ). An older child will be able to use the cot a little longer as it can be pulled out to 160 cm.

A cot with a wooden house also provides numerous arrangement possibilities not only in terms of great fun. It can be a hut of a good fairy, a pirate ship, a hospital for injured in a battle of teddy bears or just a good hiding place, which is a dream of every child.

The main advantages:

– complies with European standards and safety norms,

– two removable bars in one of the frames which make it possible to get in and out of the bed,

– three levels of mattress frame position adjusted to the level of child’s development (55.6/42.8/25.2 cm from the floor),

– convertible into a sofa by dismantling one of the frames,

– convertible into a divan by dismantling two frames and the upper part of the headboard and footboard,

– the bed can be pulled out to 160 cm and used longer to about the 10th year of age,

– capacious drawer with rolls with a rubber tire, safe for the floor,

– bed fall out protection additionally available (optional).

Dimensions (cm):

length: 144 – 163.6

width: 79.5

height of headboard and footboard: 86.5

height of the house: 176

Additional information:

– mattress suitable for the cot: 140 cm x 70 cm

– mattress suitable for the divan: 70 cm x 160 cm

– life-time: to about the 10th year of age.

Furniture design and finish:

– the headboard and footboard of the cot, the drawer and the board of the divan have been made of a high quality laminated board which is resistant to damage and humidity, easy to keep clean,

– a wooden structure is made of thick pine wood which can have some imperfections, i.e. knots, micro cracks, irregular colours etc., which are typical of natural raw materials. Wood is varnished with clear paint which is safe for children,

– drawers and wardrobe doors open in the system „push to open”,

– a drawer in the cot is equipped with rolls with a rubber tire (safe for the floor),

– furniture can be assembled on the wall – recommended,

– ladders are made of beech wood, varnished with white paint which is safe for children, certified according to the norm EN71/3,

– mattress frame made of beech plywood.


– snowy whiteness, neutral greyness, bright pine wood, everything matt finished.

Instruction manual:

Furniture must be wiped with a soft cotton cloth damped with water or furniture polish.