Launch! The ideal launch for your new business project Start up

You already have your product, store or service ready and you want to launch but you’re asking how!

The success of a fresh idea or a start up depends a lot on the tactic that will be followed from the very first days of his “life”.

Most of the time the energy consumed by those launching for the first time is 90% in the preparation of the product or service and 10% in the launch itself. At a time when the “noise” for consumers and online users is more intense than ever, the key is to choose the right components that will lead your project to success.

What you get by getting the Launch service:

1.      Clear description of your target market and priority steps

2.      We analyse your case and choose the right Marketing mix based on needs and budget.

3.      We suggest these tools that we would follow in your case, based on the Marketing mix that we consider ideal for you

4.      Planning your launch in 3 phases (pre-release, release, post-release) and the steps you will need to follow for the next 6-12 months.

·         Delivery: 5-7 days

·         File type: Word document & audio file with audio resolution of the shot

Nomenclature, domain name for your project or business

We find a name in your business, project, start up or idea, by registering the corresponding domain name!

The nomenclature process can be time consuming, problematic, chaotic but at the same time vital at the beginning of a project.

We free your hands by assigning our creative team with this vital project in order to find the name that will be consistent with the idea, the dominant messages that need to be communicated and always having the end user as the main guide.

We provide you with 2 options to choose from, however giving you our order of preference.

Present! The most impressive presentation you have ever made

Impressive power point slides to amaze your audience.

In 90% of cases, a presentation using power points that includes unstylishly full text slides, resulting in failing to achieve its goals.

Impress your audience instantly, retain their attention throughout your presentation and convey your messages effectively and clearly.

Present service:

We will send you up to 3 different templates that we deem suit your case (presentation goal, audience, nature of the idea, etc.) to prepare your presentation. Each of the 3 templates includes 5 slides of different design to match the structure of each theme of the same presentation. Once you receive them all you have to do is put the text you want in the ready fields. The images, structure and design are ready for you.

Assignment of preparation of the whole presentation

In case you wish to create for you and the content of the presentation, we will need to book a short online call to gather the information needed for an ideal result.

·         Delivery: 2-3 days

·         Templates: Up to 3 (from 5 different slides each)

·         Presentation Completion: Maximum length of 10 slides

·         Presentation length Up to 180 words

·         File type: power point

15-minute online call consultation for the issues you are facing

Book now for free a 15-minute online consultation with GALORA experts

Share with our experienced team the main problems you face in your business or your project, as well as your goals.

Meet the leaders of our team and listen to their opinion just for your case. Share your concerns, the difficulties you face but also your questions regarding development, Marketing and the available online solutions.

The service is COMPLETELY FREE for everyone and is not associated with any obligation to purchase another service.

Request a meeting with our team now by contact form, we will contact you as soon as possible to book the meeting.