Website Design for Business

Web Design for any use or purpose

Get a modern website to promote your professional profile or your business.

The websites we shape are fully adaptable to all devices (mobile, tablets, desktops) and you have the ability to manage them at any time.

Features of the website that we will deliver to you

·         Mobile Friendly

·         Possibility of gallery with the possibility of adding videos and photos

·         Main Menu with up to 5 pages of your choice (Who we are, Contact, Services, Reviews, etc)

·         Contact page with contact form

·         Connection to all social media

·         Blog to upload news, articles, and more.

For additional functions, needs and design from the above suggested, contact us.

As you understand the creation of a website needs to be able to make a difference in terms of design, functionality, but most importantly, to have a clear and unmistakable Marketing plan in order to endorse it and help attract customers.

E-shop construction – Absolutely modern and dynamic

It’s easier than you think to get your own e-shop

Get a top in design, functional and absolutely dynamic e-shop for your business according to the design trends of 2021.

The e-shops we build are fully adapted to all devices (mobile, tablets, desktops) and you have the facility to manage them at any time, to control your sales, orders, etc.

Features of the e-shop that we will deliver to you

·         E-Shop design (for all devices)

·         E-Shop programming (WordPress & Woo Commerce module)

·         Connect with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

·         Unlimited Product Categories

·         Unlimited Products

·         Ability to share product

·         Complete management program for product processing (product creation, removal, prices, photos, video, features, shipping prices depending on the country, management of VAT charges)

·         Offer Function (discount coupons with specific validity)

·         Operation of similar products (to suggest suggested complementary products in each product)

·         Card and PayPal (and more) payment function (all credit & debit cards)

·         Unlimited Languages

·         Contact and pre-order forms

·         Stock management and sales statistics

·         Function of product variants (colors, sizes and variants of the same code) with the possibility of independent management of each variation (prices, photos, description)

·         E-shop usage training

With the purchase of the service, we will need a skype call or a face-to-face meeting, so that you can tell us a few things about your store and just send us by email the texts and the 6 initial main pages you want and we will prepare your online store in a short time!

The completion of the products is done by you from a management panel which we will show you how to use every day without the need for any technical support.

Of course, if you want our support in this, you can have it.

The construction of an e-shop can be repaid in 2 ways:

1.      One-time payment and hosting in your own hosting plan (the cost is determined based on the number of products and features you will choose)

2.      E-shop per month with 149 euros monthly subscription or ** without initial payment of the e-shop, which includes the hosting, creation, support and operation of your online store

* In both cases the set-up cost includes the cost of the template you choose and is the sum of 149 euros.

** In the case of the monthly subscription there is an initial cost for the setup of the creation and it is at 149 euros.

Creating a Landing Page

Create a landing page immediately for any possible use.

This Landing Page can be linked either to your current website, or even if you do not have a website.

We create a page in order to run any action (communication of an event, a page of a specific product or service, an offer for a limited time).

Landing pages serve a purpose.

To lead the visitors of this page to the next step of the customer journey.

The goal of such a page can be simply for people to contact you, fill out a form, get a promotional coupon, visit our physical space, or even the market.

Such a website needs to be clear, to describe simply and convincingly what the ad brought to the prospective customer promised and ideally needs to include videos, social proofs, call to actions, and strong claims that prove to the visitor who does not know us that we are a completely professional presence.